The island of Saint-Martin measures 88km² and is the smallest territory in the world separated between two countries, France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The French part of the island, Saint-Martin, lies to the north. It is an overseas collectivity of France.

The Dutch part of the island, Sint Maarten, lies to the south. It is an autonomous state dependent on the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

There is no physical border between the two parts of the island. Only a sign and a monument symbolize the border. For almost four centuries, the inhabitants have lived together as one and the same people in peace and harmony.

English is the mother tongue of many inhabitants even if they are French or Dutch, this is partly explained by the play of belonging during colonization. However, French, Creole, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento are also spoken there. But it is not uncommon to hear, here and there, other languages ​​such as Portuguese, Indi, Mandarin, German or even Russian.

Saint-Martin is a very cosmopolitan island thanks in particular to the 100 different nationalities present on the island. This is felt in the music and particularly in the cuisine and gastronomy where all cultures come together and coexist. A real taste pleasure for gourmets.

The island has many hotels, restaurants, casinos and there is no shortage of places to party. There are no less than 37 beaches, several small islets and plenty of nautical activities for young and old. Whether you are a couple, with family or friends, Saint-Martin is the destination for everyone.